Welcome to my art blog

A self-taught artist, I have always been drawn towards the macabre. Born a twin on Christmas Eve 1964 in Montreal, my twin died several months after birth. This became a large influence in my creative process; isolation, detachment, duality, haunted visions coming from this astral being that I am forever tethered to.

Art has always been my way to process and filter what I come across, what I am subjected to, or what I subject myself to each day; a way for me to exorcise the demons on my shoulder. The paintings are empathic, often inspired by the individual’s strength in the face of their own weakness. The common thread in all of my works is survival of self.

If a viewer is made uncomfortable by my work, then I have done my job as an artist. I have touched something within them that they are not comfortable with. I want to elicit a visceral response but maintain a sense of the absurd, creating works that are both intensely horrifically personal and humourous.

I am inspired by artists that have celebrated the grotesque: Hieronymus Bosch, Joe Coleman, Otto Dix and George Grosz.

This blog is a progression of my work, works in progress, random thoughts etc. You can join me on Facebook or view a gallery of my work on Flickr at:



Your f(r)iend,

Grant Cunningham

Friday, May 21, 2010

Found Works

Here are a few small pen and ink works I did a few years back that I stumbled across recently. Trying to figure out how to effectively correctly the spelling error in one of them.

Praying Mantis with Hoop and Stick

My current perfectionist work in progress which at the moment is untitled but will be the first in a series of praying mantid paintings.

Watercolor Series

Continuing with my experimentation with different mediums and breaking out of the confines of my perfectionist works, here is a short series of 3"x2" watercolors... all very quick, visceral responses... I do not worry about form, color harmony etc... I am creating accidental art with these. I am particularly fond of the first one entitled "Bad Day".

The others in sequence are:

"Dans Son Verres"
"Pile Driver"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Experimentation Continues

Picked up some cheap watercolors today and small 2"x3" cards to work on... I'm into doing quick and dirty art these days, kind of like automatic writing - trying not to think too hard about it and just let the art come out, very stream of consciousness.

I've never been big into abstract, never really "got" it. As an artist who has always been hyper detailed in my work, the concept of abstract art never really clicked with me. I finally got it this week at the Borduas exhibit and the whole concept of Les Automatistes. I actually have some ideas for a few abstract pieces. It's quite nice to step out of my self imposed rules and regulations of my art and just create from the heart.

No worries, there is a small oil piece in the works in the right now...

Until then, here are some of the small cards I crapped out today. I quite like them.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Nerve

The work on "Last Nerve" continues - graphite, ink, charcoal, oils on canvas.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


My experimentation continues. I have decided not to be boxed into one medium for the time being. This is a melange of pencil, ink and oils and the product of one evening's work. I've been obsessed with my hatred of cellphones as of late, more so than usual. I wanted to represent a false reality with this piece... the world viewed through a 3"x3" screen. The aqua box will eventually contain a blueprint of the entire piece.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Black Eye

Two images from my newest sculpture called "Black Eye". She's about 8" tall and I just have to add some detailing to the piece and then it's on to completing some half finished paintings that have been gathering dust for the longest time, and an experiment into something totally different for me......